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Seek Out For A Next-Generation Audio-Visual Cable – Get An HDMI Cord

Electronics and technology never cease to amaze us. The continuous innovations make our video and audio entertainment something to look forward to. The video and audio of many appliances and equipment had become so vivid – so very high in resolution that you will never get tired watching a video.  Even all the gadgets that go with your equipment for connections are very high tech. One connector that brings out the excellent video and audio is the HDMI cord (cable).

What is HDMI cord?

The abbreviation HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI cord is a cable connector that gives a very clear video and audio output. This connector is digital, thus making its feature all the more powerful. This is some kind of novelty – a next generation gadget of any audio-visual equipment. It is supported worldwide; patronized by an overwhelming number of home theater aficionados.

You should never confuse HDMI with DVI (Digital Video Interface), although both of them are digital connectors. The latter has come to the electronics world years ahead of HDMI. The original purpose of the DVI was to serve as a plug between a personal computer (PC) and the monitor. However, it became a useful tool in home entertainment appliances.

Compare HDMI and analog cords

Analog cord is a cable, just like the HDMI cord, which functions to send picture signals to a home system. With the present advent of LCD and LED televisions, using the analog cord for them will entail poor signal reception thus – the desired audio-visual quality is not projected – poor resolution, poor audio. The analog produces good quality images, however, it fails to match the audio capability of HDMI.

Advantages of HDMI cord

  1. HDMI cord is perfect for your LED television, LCD plasma, and DPL screens.
  2. Since it is digital in composition, the HDMI cord sends the resolution pixel by pixel – giving it high quality video.
  3. It gives a high quality audio, the sound is crisp and clear.
  4. HDMI cord or cable allows you to have a two-way communication between your devices connected by this cord.
  5. It gives the basic function of a remote control.
  6. The HDMI cord is longer – up to 15 meters in length.
  7. With HDMI, you have lesser bulk of cables; they come in smaller version than DVI.
  8. With HDMI cord, you won’t need any other cables thus making the vicinity of your devices less messy. 
  9. It is compatible with any other DVI product so you do not have to change devices – just the cord (adaptor is the only requisite).
  10.  New models of television, gaming consoles and DVD players have HDMI ports.
  11.  There are many versions of HDMI cord to choose from – depending upon your need and budget.
  12. It is available in the market – not hard to have one.

You really have to be adaptable to the new trends in electronics. They improve in a short span of time. So – have your own HDMI cord to get the devices worth their specifically designed functions. After all your devices are of high quality – do not compromise. Connect them with  an HDMI cord!