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5m HDMI Cable

5m HDMI Cable Replaces Multi Cables For Clutter Free Connections

High Density Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are now a new trend in cable connections for better video images and audio clarity.  The innovation is again a breakthrough in technology that complements high definition televisions and home theaters. The 5m hdmi cable is the average length to service all your needs. With a 5m HDMI cable, you would not need any additional cable for your digital video and audio requirements.

HDMI cables were made to be used primarily on HDTV. The first HDMI cables (HDMI 1.0) had a maximum pixel clock rate equal to 165MHz. This was enhanced and from HDMI 1.0, was the HDMI 1.2 and finally, we now use the HDMI 1.3. This higher and better enhanced HDMI cable supports a maximum pixel clock of 340 MHz which practically doubled the capacity of HDMI 1.0. The HDMI 1.3 cables are classified into categories.

2 categories for HDMI 1.3

  • Category 1 – certified cables – This category was tested for 74.5MHz. The resolutions are 720p60 and 1080i60. This category is marketed as Standard.
  • Category 2 – certified cables – This was tested for 340MHz. The resolutions are 1080p60 and 2160p30. This category is labeled “high speed”.

Both categories 1 and 2 can meet either of the following parameters: 1) inter-pair skew, far-end crosstalk, attenuation and differential impedance or 2) non-equalized or equalized eye diagram.

The optimum length of HDMI cables had not been strictly specified. The signal attenuation will be based on the quality of the cable and the conducting materials for which they were manufactured. 5m HDMI cable can be easily produced. It can also be manufactured with less cost when the manufacturer make use of 28 AWG conductors. HDMI cables under 5 meter length which had be manufactured with HDMI 1-0 and HDMI 1.2 specifications can also work as Category 2 cables.  They can work high speed. However, only cables manufactured under Category are guaranteed the speed. The HDMI cable can be effective up to 15 meters of length.

Tips in choosing your 5m HDMI cable

  • It should produce good image quality and sound clarity.
  • It must be robust in construction.
  • It should be a low attenuation to provide efficient signal transfer.
  • It should have passed the test for cable compliance; passed the Silicon Images ATC (Authorized Test Center).
  • It should have perfect shielding, high reliability and low resistance.
  • It can avoid high pressure and temperature damage.
  • Its price conforms in the principle of “value for money”.
  • It  should contain warranty.

 And to top it all, the 5m HDMI cable is digital. It clearly brings out what is expected to be seen and heard from your source. This cable gives you the desired image resolution. The sound is audible enough without garbled output. After all, your purpose is for a very impressive video viewing.

Over-all, what is your purpose in buying a 5mm HDMI cable? Here are the uses. You get the best video and audio from your HDTV from a single cable. You bid good-bye to all the wires surrounding your electronic appliances making your room clutter-free. Just one 5m HDMI cable can allow you to replace 8 audio and 5 video cables.

Your search for a high definition video viewing is over. Your HDTV is very impressive with your new 5m HDMI cable. You now enjoy all the viewing pleasure with very tidy vicinity.