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HDMI Coupler

Have You Found The Right Connector In The HDMI Coupler?

 Electronics technology has never ceased to bring wonders to this world. For any enhancement, there need accompanying changes in the gadgets. Take the case of a simple coupler. In order to maximize the function of your electronic devices and cables – the current technology calls for a high tech connector – the HDMI coupler. A simple coupler has caused many technology engineers to do research.  Coupler is nothing but a connector, but why does it need to be HDMI coupler?

What is HDMI coupler?

First a coupler is used to connect two wires or cables. The main function is to add length. It is needed when you want attachment to a further object yet neither of your two cables can reach it. Thus for you to make use of the two cables for a longer distance, you need a coupler to attach the two cables and achieve the desired distance. The HDMI coupler is introduced. It is an enhanced version of the ordinary coupler but imbued with the qualities of HMDI (High Density Multimedia Interface).

Every electronic appliance and gadgets now are high definition. Appliances had been enhanced continuously. And since it would need several accessories, the said accessories should conform with the enhanced features of your appliances. Televisions, home theaters and computer monitors are now high definition. The cables used to connect the output source and the video display needs to be HDMI accessories. If cables are of HDMI capability, then the coupler to connect the cables also needs to be HDMI. The logic is just that simple.

Function of HDMI coupler

This device is for use in HDMI cables. So – you connect two HDMI cables with an HDMI coupler. If you are short of cable, yet you have another spare cable, you can reach that farther distance without buying another cable that needs to measure longer. You can make use of those two cables and just avail of HDMI coupler. The cost of HDMI coupler is less that the cost of a new longer cable.

There are two female HDMI inputs in a coupler. And unlike other connectors, the HDMI coupler connects female to female parts. Some coupler designs are gold plated. The gold plating has not been done for the purpose of increasing its price. Gold plated couplers have added capacity to improve the signal transfer. The HDMI coupler is not a simple connector. Signals from one cable have to be transferred to the other cable. So the power of your coupler has to be good to be able to transmit the signal effectively and without delay. We know that gold is a conductor hence with gold plating, the conductive quality of a connector works well. The gold also enables the HDMI coupler to resist the negative effects of tarnishing and corrosion.

Since the function of the HDMI coupler is very sensitive; you have to be selective in choosing it. Be sure they are durable and heavy duty. Examine the plating of the coupler. The effective signal from one cable to another is dependent on this simple coupler. Other factors to consider are the price and brand. You can check with the internet the market price of HDMI coupler. Compare specifications of different brands.